The key to youth is the choice you make every day.



Some­times we feel old and unhap­py, tired. How­ev­er, age is just a num­ber, espe­cial­ly when we know so much about healthy liv­ing. The choice we make every day is not only between high heels and plat­forms.

Every day we choose between healthy habits and not so good, between right and wrong nutri­tion, between night ser­i­al marathons and healthy sleep. That is why sci­en­tists believe that your habits are the key to your health. And they also make a sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion to your well-being.

It depends only on you whether you will feel young and flour­ish­ing, or an old ruin.

Well, we will share five tips from sci­en­tists. They will help you on your way to healthy sen­sa­tions.

1. Sleep should be a priority

Work, hob­bies and an active social life are, of course, good. But have you ever tried to sleep well?

Qual­i­ty rest allows your body to recov­er faster. This applies to the skin, which, thanks to healthy sleep, will look fresh­er and younger. In addi­tion, rest is also nec­es­sary for oth­er bod­i­ly process­es to pro­ceed nor­mal­ly.

The main indi­ca­tor that your sleep is healthy is that you wake up cheer­ful and cheer­ful.

It is also impor­tant to note that you should not sleep too long. Sleep that lasts more than 6 and a half hours can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce your cog­ni­tive func­tions, and you will work less, and the morn­ing will start feel­ing like a lethar­gic fly.

how to age gracefully


2. Don’t think of aging as a bad thing.

It has been proven that our mind sig­nif­i­cant­ly affects our well-being. There­fore, the more neg­a­tive­ly you per­ceive your age, the worse you will feel. That is why it is rec­om­mend­ed to per­ceive the pass­ing years as a new expe­ri­ence. You don’t age, you live and gain expe­ri­ence.

3. Go on vacation as often as possible and spend it well

The main secret of well-being is qual­i­ty rest, as we said in the first para­graph. This time you should pay atten­tion to how well you rest from work.

Find some time to take a break from wor­ries, stretch out on the beach and just be care­free and easy. Trav­el­ing is one of the great oppor­tu­ni­ties to have a good rest from work­ing days.

aging prevention


4. Don’t let your brain relax

You need to train not only mus­cles, but also brains.

The fact is that your brain ages just like the rest of your body, it’s a com­plete­ly nat­ur­al process. At this time, he does not adapt so well, and also slows down. There­fore, to stay healthy and active, the brain needs exer­cise and exer­cise.

Any games and rid­dles are suit­able for this: solve cross­words and var­i­ous puz­zles, play board games for log­ic, and so on.

5. Take control of your life

Adult life is a series of wor­ries. Between work and every­day life, it is very easy to suc­cumb to temp­ta­tion and think that you no longer want any­thing. Do you real­ly want to be like one of those gray peo­ple who ride the sub­way with a com­plete­ly blank expres­sion? If not, take your life into your own hands!

Real­ize that you are in con­trol of your life, not your work and house­hold. Take time every day to ded­i­cate it to your­self: read books, lis­ten to music or do yoga, go for a walk.

And also — read the mag­a­zine “Lisa”, because only here you can read all the best ideas and advice.