Let’s close these 26 ques­tions once and for all, and let’s eat and exer­cise, for­get­ting about the myths about los­ing weight.

weight loss myths

In order to suc­cess­ful­ly lose weight and at the same time not spoil your health, you need to know a lot of use­ful infor­ma­tion. And, first of all, con­sult a doc­tor who will help you choose the right and bal­anced diet. It is a bal­anced diet, reg­u­lar exer­cise and a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose excess and leave only what your body needs.

How­ev­er, ever since these 26 Healthy Weight Loss Myths emerged, many peo­ple can’t get the healthy dream body no mat­ter how hard they try. Come on, let’s move on to them as soon as pos­si­ble and take them apart.

1. Nuts make you fat

Nuts have quite a lot of fat in their com­po­si­tion, so they have received a bad rep­u­ta­tion among los­ing weight. But in fact, if we take a clos­er look at this prod­uct, we can find the super-impor­tant unsat­u­rat­ed fats that we just need for health and sati­ety sup­port!

Nuts like pis­ta­chios, for exam­ple, do a great job of being part of a healthy snack. So feel free to throw this myth in the trash!

2. To lose weight, you need to give up fat

In fact, con­sum­ing a lot of healthy fats is great for weight loss. They are the key to gain­ing good health and a strong, healthy body.

Don’t skip foods with healthy fats like olive oil and avo­ca­dos and red fish. They will help you stay young, attrac­tive and full of health for a long time. Also, healthy fats have a good effect on brain func­tion: you will not only be active dur­ing the diet, but also start work­ing sev­er­al times bet­ter.

The right amount of healthy fats will also help you stay full longer.

3. Beer gives you a beer belly

Drink­ing beer, and alco­hol in gen­er­al, will not help you lose weight, but beer bel­ly is not always due to this prod­uct. So, for exam­ple, a bel­ly can be due to the fact that you con­sume too many emp­ty calo­ries. For exam­ple — you abuse soda.

You also need to under­stand that every woman has a small tum­my, and this is nor­mal: after all, we are not man­nequins, we have a uterus and oth­er insides, as well as a nor­mal amount of bel­ly fat. And you should not be ashamed of your phys­i­ol­o­gy.

4. To have a flat stomach, you need to download the press

Not only.

If you have a large lay­er of fat on your bel­ly (well, very large), then the abs will remain under it. There­fore, it is nec­es­sary not only to exer­cise, but also to focus on prop­er nutri­tion. So, for exam­ple, you will feel bet­ter to do the exer­cis­es.

In addi­tion, exer­cis­ing only one mus­cle group will not make you fit through­out the body. Do not for­get about com­plex exer­cis­es, but rather con­sult a spe­cial­ist.

belly fat


5. Some people are prone to belly fat.

Yes, the genet­ic pre­dis­po­si­tion to the accu­mu­la­tion of fat in cer­tain places is nor­mal and it exists. How­ev­er, this does not mean at all that you will accu­mu­late excess fat.

If you have an apple-shaped fig­ure, this does not mean at all that you will always be round like an apple. With the right lifestyle and nutri­tion, you will be slim and healthy.

6. Packaged Low-Fat Foods Are Healthy

And here it is not. We real­ly need fat!

They cause a feel­ing of sati­ety, pre­vent overeat­ing, sta­bi­lize blood sug­ar. And then there are fat-sol­u­ble vit­a­mins A, D, E and K, with­out which we sim­ply can­not live! Read, for exam­ple, our arti­cle on vit­a­min D and what hap­pens if it is not enough in the body.

In addi­tion, when remov­ing fat from prod­ucts, man­u­fac­tur­ers often add var­i­ous sea­son­ings, such as salt, to them. And the abun­dance of salt in the diet has not done any­one well.

7. Seed oil is always healthy

Processed oil from seeds such as corn, cot­ton, soy, peanuts can sig­nif­i­cant­ly impair your health. There­fore, not all oils are cre­at­ed equal.

Choose healthy oils, regard­less of what they are made of: olive, avo­ca­do, hemp seeds, flax.

8. Skimmed milk is good for weight loss.

Only if your doc­tor advised you to.

In fact, you should not be afraid of fat­ty dairy prod­ucts. On the con­trary, they are much more use­ful than their fat-free com­rades.

myths about milk


9. Juice Diet Works

Juices and smooth­ies are super easy to drink, but it’s also easy to gob­ble up your week­ly sug­ar and calo­rie allowance with­out even notic­ing.

Juices also do not con­tain fiber, so you will always be hun­gry and end up overeat­ing. Juice diet and detox don’t work!

10. Caffeine Helps You Lose Weight

Caf­feine in mod­er­a­tion is use­ful: it increas­es our activ­i­ty, helps to improve sports per­for­mance. But at the same time, if you are under con­stant stress, caf­feine will make you nasty. You will be active, but at the same time anx­ious and with an imbal­ance of cor­ti­sol, from which your body will start accu­mu­lat­ing excess fat at a crazy pace.

11. It is very important to choose the time to eat.

Food is food. Dot. And at what time of the day you eat it — this is not just the tenth thing, but one hun­dred and tenth.

It is much more impor­tant to observe the qual­i­ty and quan­ti­ty of food. Eat when you are real­ly hun­gry. And if you are afraid of overeat­ing, just ask your­self if you want to eat an apple. If you do not want to eat an apple, then you are not hun­gry, but just want to crunch your teeth with some­thing.

12. Green tea literally melts excess fat.

Oh no. Green tea is great, but it’s not a mag­ic potion. In los­ing weight, you need to act com­pre­hen­sive­ly.

13. To lose weight, you need to sleep 8 hours a day.

Long sleep is impor­tant. But at the same time, its qual­i­ty affects your weight loss much more. Be sure to take care of how well you sleep: is the pil­low soft, is it warm in the room, and so on.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Lose Weight When Drinking

Not! It is for­bid­den! Don’t drink apple cider vine­gar! We have already writ­ten a whole arti­cle about the fact that apple cider vine­gar not only does not help with weight loss, but also has a lot of side effects and con­traindi­ca­tions.

Add apple cider vine­gar to dish­es such as sauces, sal­ad dress­ings, preser­v­a­tive for home­made twists. But just don’t drink.

15. If you eat cherries, you can lose weight

No prod­uct has mag­i­cal prop­er­ties. Yes, includ­ing cher­ries in your diet is very healthy. But you can’t just take and eat cher­ries all day long, hop­ing that you will lose weight. A bal­anced diet is your key to stay­ing healthy and los­ing weight!

cherry diet


16. To lose weight, you just need to eat less.

If you overeat and con­sume more than the dai­ly allowance, then yes. But if you just mind­less­ly stop eat­ing, reduc­ing your calo­rie intake to 500 per day, noth­ing good will hap­pen. You will most like­ly lose weight, but in doing so, you will cause irrepara­ble dam­age to your metab­o­lism and at the same time you will not be able to get a long-term result.

Mal­nu­tri­tion is a bad idea. It is much bet­ter to cre­ate a bal­anced menu and main­tain dis­ci­pline by not overeat­ing and stick­ing to the plan.

17. Small meals can help you lose weight.

Not always. No need to eat small meals every two hours. It is much bet­ter to have three com­plete and bal­anced meals a day, and to back them up with a healthy snack.

18. Vegan food can help you lose weight.

There is no diet that will mag­i­cal­ly start help­ing you lose weight. In addi­tion, a veg­an diet should also be bal­anced.

If you sim­ply elim­i­nate all ani­mal prod­ucts from your diet, you need to give the body an equal amount of the nutri­ents that they con­tain.

19. Calories are calories

100 calo­ries of a choco­late chip cook­ie and 100 calo­ries of an apple are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent things. Plus, you don’t have to wor­ry about calo­ries. Pay atten­tion also to the amount of pro­tein, fiber and healthy fats in foods. Then you will be able to lose weight and at the same time not feel lethar­gic and weak.

20. If your BMI is normal, belly fat doesn’t matter.

The num­ber of BMI mat­ters, but only as one of the diag­nos­tic indi­ca­tors. It helps to deter­mine if you are obese based on your weight and height or not. But this is not an indi­ca­tor that will tell you every­thing about your health.

So, for exam­ple, with a nor­mal BMI, peo­ple have cen­tral obe­si­ty. And it, in turn, can expose you to meta­bol­ic syn­drome, dia­betes, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease.

There­fore, nev­er use BMI as an indi­ca­tor of whether you are healthy or not.

21. Dark fruits and berries burn fat faster.

Fruit is fruit. And you need to look not at their col­or, but at what they have. In addi­tion, all fresh fruits are good and healthy, because they have fiber.

22. Water with lemon melts fat

Again, this is not a mag­ic potion. In fact, suf­fi­cient con­sump­tion of warm water with­out gas per day helps to lose weight faster and not overeat. And whether you add lemon there or not, it does­n’t mat­ter.

drink water with lemon


23. A Gluten-Free Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Elim­i­nate gluten from the diet only if you have an intol­er­ance to it and an order from a doc­tor. Stop think­ing that some foods are bad and some are good.

24. Cinnamon Burns Calories

By itself, cin­na­mon will not help you lose weight. But it helps keep blood sug­ar under con­trol in small dos­es, so it makes sense to add it to your diet.

25. Fruits can get rid of belly fat

Despite the fact that there are nat­ur­al acids in fruits, they can­not sim­ply take and dis­solve the fat accu­mu­lat­ed by the body.

In a healthy diet, fruits are need­ed in order to sat­u­rate the body with fiber, as well as pro­duce ener­gy through the oxi­da­tion of car­bo­hy­drates, fats and pro­teins.

And yes: creams and scrubs with fruit acids to burn bel­ly fat or dis­solve cel­lulite do not work. But for that they can make your skin soft and silky, help exfo­li­ate dead cells. The butt will still be chub­by, but at the same time soft, like a baby’s.

26. You just have “fat genes”, so don’t even try

“Here, our grand­fa­ther was fat, and my grand­moth­er was fat, and your father was fat, and your moth­er was fat, so you are also fat,” some aunt may say at a fam­i­ly hol­i­day. How­ev­er, genes do not have such a strong influ­ence on being over­weight.

Genet­ics influ­ence where exact­ly you will accu­mu­late fat, how much fat your body needs. But over­weight is not worth jus­ti­fy­ing with a wide bone and thick genes. It is influ­enced by many fac­tors: from nutri­tion to the bal­ance of bac­te­ria in the intestines.

So do not lis­ten to any­one and eat right, and you will cer­tain­ly suc­ceed!