Does marsh­mal­lows help with a sore throat? How often should you gar­gle and with what? What oth­er unusu­al reme­dies will help to cope with a sore throat? The answer is in our new arti­cle on the spe­cial top­ic “Your Health”.

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Win­ter is still here and you can catch a nasty cold quite eas­i­ly. How to quick­ly get rid of a sore throat? Here are 13 work­ing meth­ods rec­om­mend­ed by experts.

1. Anti-inflammatory drugs

This is one of the most obvi­ous reme­dies that come to mind — anti-inflam­ma­to­ry lozenges. These drugs are a com­bi­na­tion of painkillers and anti-inflam­ma­to­ry drugs, so they reduce swelling quite quick­ly and improve well-being. Some help to get rid of asso­ci­at­ed symp­toms, such as fever.

2. Salt water rinse

Gar­gling with warm salt water sev­er­al times a day can go a long way in reduc­ing swelling in the throat, reduc­ing inflam­ma­tion, and flush­ing out bac­te­ria and irri­tants.

For rins­ing you will need: 1 cup of warm water and half a tea­spoon of salt.

3. Plentiful drink

To relieve a sore throat, you need to drink plen­ty of warm drinks. But not hot!

Warm, plen­ti­ful drink mois­tur­izes the throat and pre­vents dehy­dra­tion, which is also very good for a cold.

4. Cough syrup, lozenges, spray

If a sore throat per­sists, choose a con­ve­nient rem­e­dy for pain: syrup, lozenges or spray.

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5. Chicken broth

Chick­en soup is an old-fash­ioned home rem­e­dy for colds that will not only help you fill up when you don’t feel like any­thing at all, but also help soothe a sore throat.

6. Tea

A clas­sic recipe for a sore throat is herbal tea with a spoon­ful of hon­ey. Try!

7. Marshmallow, marshmallow

Although this is the most unex­pect­ed rem­e­dy, it can also be effec­tive. First­ly, these are sweets that cheer you up. And sec­ond­ly, they con­tain gelatin, which will help relieve pain, as it has cov­er­ing and sooth­ing prop­er­ties.

marshmallow for sore throat


8. Prescription antibiotics

If your doc­tor pre­scribed antibi­otics for a sore throat, you should heed his advice. And if you are afraid for the intesti­nal microflo­ra, buy more sup­port­ive pro­bi­otics.

Some infec­tions cause sore throats, so don’t ignore your doc­tor!

9. Rest

The best way to fight a cold is to lie down in bed and not wor­ry, and most impor­tant­ly, do not rush to work to share snot with every­one in the world.

10. Humidify the air in the room

With a sore throat, the last thing you need to do is sit in a room with dry air. Do not for­get to reg­u­lar­ly ven­ti­late the room or pur­chase a humid­i­fi­er. Breath­ing will become much more pleas­ant.

11. Washing the nose

This is not the most pleas­ant under­tak­ing, but rins­ing your nose with a spe­cial spray will allow you to quick­ly ease the symp­toms of a cold.

12. Spoon of honey

A spoon­ful of hon­ey a day is sore throat relief, sweet­ness, and a mood boost. Don’t for­get about this home rem­e­dy and soon the cold will one hun­dred per­cent give up.

13. Popsicles

It would seem that? Pop­si­cles for a sore throat? How is that in gen­er­al? But it actu­al­ly helps a lot. Grind some fresh gin­ger, rasp­ber­ries and cur­rants in a blender, add a spoon­ful of turmer­ic and lemon juice. Freeze and suck a lit­tle. The rest can be poured with boil­ing water and you get a cool tea for colds. Test­ed on myself!

How do you fight a cold?