In autumn, exac­er­ba­tions of chron­ic dis­eases begin. It can be both hyper­ten­sion and banal cys­ti­tis, depend­ing on where you have a weak spot.

autumn exacerbation


How to avoid autumn exac­er­ba­tion and is it pos­si­ble?

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Why do exacerbations happen in the fall

In autumn, quite a lot of unpleas­ant fac­tors affect us:

  • cold;
  • stress;
  • psy­cho­log­i­cal rejec­tion of the end of sum­mer;
  • decrease in the inten­si­ty of sun­light;
  • few­er vit­a­mins.

One of the main rea­sons for the autumn exac­er­ba­tions is a decrease in motor activ­i­ty. Usu­al­ly in the sum­mer we go for walks, try to go out into nature more often, but in the fall we don’t feel like doing this at all.

In a big city, the autumn exac­er­ba­tions of chron­ic dis­eases are also affect­ed by poor ecol­o­gy and air pol­lu­tion.

autumn exacerbation


Total we:

  • do not move;
  • eat less healthy food;
  • every­where dark and cold;
  • immu­ni­ty is reduced;
  • bad ecol­o­gy kills.

Here even a per­son of good health will not feel very well.

How to protect yourself from autumn exacerbation

Doc­tors believe that most autumn exac­er­ba­tions can be pre­vent­ed by fol­low­ing sim­ple rules.

Stay warm

It is very impor­tant that the feet are always warm. So you can pro­tect your­self from colds and pain in the legs. Well, if you are cold in the legs — just make a bath of warm water, and for the fall arm your­self with woolen socks.

Rest more

If in the sum­mer you can relax a lit­tle and have a spree, then in the fall we do not rec­om­mend break­ing the regime and walk­ing until late at night.

Avoid sleep­less nights. If you have insom­nia, be sure to solve this prob­lem with herbal tea for sleep depri­va­tion. Sleep dis­tur­bances can lead to over­work, stress, weight gain and some dis­eases.

Do not over­work at work, avoid stress­ful sit­u­a­tions. Stress reduces immu­ni­ty — it’s been proven. There­fore, if you feel bad, it seems to you that every­thing around you is press­ing on you from all sides, this means that it is time to pause and take a day off or two.

Med­i­tate. The ide­al way to relax is med­i­ta­tion, so we also rec­om­mend intro­duc­ing it into your life in the fall.

Deal with lighting

You can­not make the day longer, so try to increase the amount of light in your life:

  • remove the dark cur­tains so that more sun­light enters the apart­ment;
  • take a walk dur­ing your lunch break, at least fif­teen min­utes;
  • go to the solar­i­um if you can and if you can.
autumn exacerbation


Be active

In order to get rid of autumn exac­er­ba­tions, be sure to intro­duce more out­door activ­i­ties into your autumn life:

  • walk with the chil­dren and play active games with them;
  • go for an active walk with your pet;
  • do morn­ing jog­ging, gym­nas­tics;
  • do yoga;
  • go to the gym;
  • while it’s warm — go hik­ing out­side the city.

eat right

Dur­ing the autumn cold be sure to eat right:

  • include more fruits and veg­eta­bles in your diet;
  • go to the doc­tor and pick up a vit­a­min com­plex;
  • include in the diet more oily sea fish, nuts;
  • try to eat boiled meat, not fat­ty.

And do not for­get: if you sus­pect that you have a con­ta­gious dis­ease, be sure to stay at home!