There are a lot of rad­i­cal ways to lose weight, and most of them are incor­rect and frankly unsafe. Many girls try to lose weight with a vari­ety of drugs such as flu­ox­e­tine.

fluoxetine for weight loss

Even if you were rec­om­mend­ed to try this method — for­get about it! Flu­ox­e­tine for weight loss is not only bad, but also dan­ger­ous, and in this arti­cle we will tell you why.

What is fluoxetine

Flu­ox­e­tine is a drug that comes in the form of hard and opaque cap­sules that come in dif­fer­ent types. And it is used to treat eat­ing dis­or­ders (anorex­ia and bulim­ia), depres­sion, schiz­o­phre­nia, and some oth­er men­tal dis­or­ders.

This med­i­cine is sold only by pre­scrip­tion, and there­fore if a phar­ma­cy is ready to sell it to you with­out a pre­scrip­tion, this is a crime!

How fluoxetine works

Flu­ox­e­tine pre­vents the cap­ture of sero­tonin: it elim­i­nates anx­i­ety, fear, depres­sive states, and also reduces appetite. Due to this qual­i­ty, the drug is often tried to be used when they want to rad­i­cal­ly lose weight.

How­ev­er, we empha­size: no doc­tor in their right mind will pre­scribe you flu­ox­e­tine in order to lose weight.

And this is not because the doc­tors are evil scoundrels stand­ing between you and the ide­al fig­ure.

side effects of fluoxetine

This drug is used by doc­tors in extreme cas­es, main­ly because of the mass of side effects that can cer­tain­ly begin with flu­ox­e­tine. This drug affects sev­er­al sys­tems of the human body at once, and this can cause major trou­bles.

Central nervous system:

  • severe headaches and dizzi­ness;
  • hal­lu­ci­na­tions and night­mares in a dream, con­stant anx­i­ety;
  • impaired atten­tion, emo­tion­al insta­bil­i­ty;
  • tin­ni­tus, fatigue;
  • con­junc­tivi­tis, loss of visu­al acu­ity.

The cardiovascular system:

  • ane­mia;
  • leuko­cy­to­sis;
  • car­diac ischemia;
  • throm­bus for­ma­tion;
  • myocar­dial infarc­tion;
  • tachy­car­dia;
  • heart fail­ure.

Respiratory system:

  • hic­cups and cough;
  • hypox­ia, run­ny nose;
  • swelling of the lungs, lar­ynx, or nasal cav­i­ty;
  • chest pain.

Gastrointestinal tract:

  • dry mouth or vice ver­sa — exces­sive sali­va­tion;
  • diar­rhea or vice ver­sa — con­sti­pa­tion;
  • flat­u­lence, pan­cre­ati­tis, gas­tri­tis, gas­tric or duo­de­nal ulcer;
  • nau­sea;
  • inter­nal gas­troin­testi­nal bleed­ing.

An over­dose of flu­ox­e­tine is also extreme­ly dan­ger­ous, because it can cause such ail­ments as dia­betes, hypok­lemia, furun­cu­lo­sis, severe men­stru­al pain, skin ulcers or acne, eczema, rash­es and many oth­ers. And, of course, you can die.

Who should not fluoxetine

More­over, not every­one can take flu­ox­e­tine. To be hon­est, this drug is tak­en only for cer­tain men­tal prob­lems, and not to fit into small­er pants.

Fluoxetine should not:

  • if there are no indi­ca­tions for its recep­tion;
  • if there is an indi­vid­ual intol­er­ance;
  • if there is renal and hepat­ic insuf­fi­cien­cy;
  • epilep­sy, dia­betes, Parkin­son’s dis­ease;
  • with a ten­den­cy to sui­cide and dur­ing a peri­od of phys­i­cal exhaus­tion;
  • dur­ing preg­nan­cy and lac­ta­tion;
  • under 18 years old — in no case;
  • with lac­tose intol­er­ance.

Taking fluoxetine

Accord­ing to the indi­ca­tions, flu­ox­e­tine is tak­en dai­ly and only under the super­vi­sion of a doc­tor! The min­i­mum course of its use is three weeks, but only a spe­cial­ist can pre­scribe the cor­rect, min­i­mal­ly dan­ger­ous dosage!

Opinions from the forums

Many users are also rad­i­cal­ly opposed to this method of los­ing weight:

Flu. I drank it, a ter­ri­ble thing. Only on pre­scrip­tion for depres­sion, for every­thing else there are diets. 7–8 kg per month is very easy, if you want. Although depend­ing on how old you are and whether there were child­birth. Per­son­al­ly, I ruined my psy­che and then I real­ly had to be treat­ed by a psy­chi­a­trist. Appetite real­ly dis­ap­pears, there are results, but depen­dence. The old fash­ioned way is more reli­able,

- writes one of the users of the wom­en’s forum on the ques­tion of flu­ox­e­tine.

Below is anoth­er girl who tried to lose weight with this tool:

“I had ter­ri­ble side effects from him, read the instruc­tions. For many, the roof rides on it, depres­sion is aggra­vat­ed, thoughts of sui­cide appear (and not trawl­ing, even the instruc­tions say this). want to be thin and sick? Drink the flu.”

Users also empha­size that anti­de­pres­sants are not just pills, and that jokes with them are bad:

“Anti­de­pres­sants are not tea with hon­ey. And you need to drink them when it’s not just depres­sion, but somat­ics are con­nect­ed. Believe me, you will under­stand that these are not toys. Why did­n’t you add worms? You will also lose weight.

Many talk about ter­ri­ble side effects:

“I drank 1 tablet in the morn­ing for a week. Ter­ri­fied, she stopped it. Heart aches, anx­i­ety, heavy sleep. Almost start­ed to get depressed. That’s exact­ly what it’s an anti­de­pres­sant in the first place. For healthy peo­ple, tak­ing this drug is fraught with con­se­quences. Weight loss is a side effect of this drug, and that’s if you’re tak­ing it for depres­sion.”

We do not rec­om­mend tak­ing any drugs with­out a doc­tor’s pre­scrip­tion! We also empha­size that drugs that are pre­scribed by pre­scrip­tion are not just sold to just any­one! There is no mag­ic pill that will imme­di­ate­ly take and do well, and there­fore choose only healthy and cor­rect ways to lose weight and con­sult a doc­tor!

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